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Who We Are


GreenTech Builders Inc is a dynamic, innovative, daring and customer-oriented construction company. It’s visionary capabilities and dedication to excellence has transformed it into a leading player in the construction sector in California, and a promising player in the global construction arena. Innovative tools, smart management, and execution methods and unparalleled information systems are the essence of GreenTech Builders Inc.  GreenTech Builders Inc.’s spirit, together with it’s vision, values, and integrity create the company’s genuine corporate advantage.


To be the leading construction company in California, strive for global growth, cultivate values of excellence and innovation; to be a role model of service, performance, and quality. To be a growing, expansive, and solid company that nurtures and rewards it’s employees and constitutes a home as well as a source of empowerment and pride. To contribute to Californian society and economy through community outreach, creation of jobs, and constant improvement of building and management methods. RELIABILITY
Reliability is the essence of all GreenTech Builders Inc.’s operations. Reliability creates trust that leads to loyalty. GreenTech Builders Inc. knows that interpersonal relations within the organization as well as with it’s partners and customers is based on reliability, credibility, personal integrity, and precision. There is a guarantee of loyalty and long-term constructive cooperation.


The GreenTech Builders Inc. Team is committed to providing the highest level of quality service. We believe that satisfied and pampered customers are the source of our growth and reputation. GreenTech Builders Inc’s service package is anchored by excellent building standards combined with fast and reliable professional solutions for the customer.


GreenTech Builders Inc. is committed to quality and excellence in all of it’s operations. Meticulous adherence to this goal is the guiding principle driving each of the group’s employees. For us, quality and excellence means applying the highest standards of performance to everything we do. Preliminary planning, attention to details, simplicity, constant supervision, and ongoing learning processes ensure GreenTech Builders Inc. a position at the pinnacle of the California construction sector.


Time schedules are the core of our project management system and all GreenTech Builders Inc employees and managers are committed to adhere to time schedules. Adhering to time schedules and all other time-related commitments enables maximum profitability and is the cornerstone of GreenTech Builders Inc.’s reputation as a unique construction company. Strict adherence to schedules complements and empowers the group’s core values of reliability, quality, excellence and efficiency.


The resource that forms the foundation of GreenTech Builders Inc.’s strength is it’s hand-picked, dedicated team of professionals, all of whom are guided by the spirit of the GreenTech Builders Inc. philosophy. Personal responsibility, discipline, and teamwork are a significant part of the team’s operating culture, and the culture of debate is an inseparable part of our modus operandi. GreenTech Builders Inc. is committed to retaining and nurturing it’s employees and is dedicated to their professional development and advancement.


GreenTech Builders Inc. is responsible for ensuring the safety of all of it’s employees. We do this by creating and enforcing the group’s safety procedures while implementing safety procedure routines at all of our sites in order to ensure a safe working environment. GreenTech Builders Inc. constitutes a role model of excellence when it comes to meeting safety standards.


We at GreenTech Builders Inc. believe that sound and congenial work relations among our employees along with external contacts are essential for achieving our quality goals, adhering to time schedules, and maintaining top service standards. Company employees are committed to do everything possible to ensure that GreenTech Builders Inc. meets it’s contractual obligations, payments, and all other undertakings. We believe that transparent, open communication is the key to developing these relations.


GreenTech Builders Inc. believes that order and cleanliness are an integral part of correct management in all areas of activity. GreenTech Builders Inc.’s construction sites, administrative offices, and employees always maintain a tidy, presentable appearance while construction equipment is always clearly controlled. An orderly working environment enables us to operate and perform according to our guiding values of quality and excellence in all that we do.


All activities are based on interpersonal relations, and GreenTech Builders Inc. embraces courtesy, decency, and modesty as the cornerstone of all it’s dealings. Personal integrity and a pleasant environment, even while discussing differences of opinion, ensures long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with the business environment.


GreenTech Builders Inc. is a forward looking organization that constantly strives for excellence while learning lessons and managing knowledge. Continued focus on growing efficiency and competitive capabilities enhances and strengthens our relative advantage under any market condition.


All GreenTech Builders Inc construction projects are subject to absolute commitment to environmental quality preservation. We strive to use environment friendly materials, We, at GreenTech Builders Inc. take the needs of the existing population in the vicinity of a project into account and do our best to avoid harming the landscape we are committed to protect. We regard community outreach and the personal involvement of our people in the well-being of the country and society wherever we operate as an inseparable part of our activities.

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