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GreenTech Builders Inc.

Over the years GreenTech Builders Inc. has developed unique project management and construction methodologies based on a wide range of processes, tools and methods which constitute GreenTech Builders Inc. knowledge base. With the company’s cutting edge information systems, all of its organizational information is available to company employees in all building sites. This information base comprises one of the main keys of the company’s burgeoning development and success. GreenTech Builders Inc. is a growing organization that encourages a culture of learning from both experience and mistakes. The company’s flat organizational structure and dynamic culture allows for maximum control, efficiency, flexibility and rapid reorganization to meet new and diverse challenges.


Pride in Each Service


GreenTech Builders Inc’s unique mix of entrepreneurial, planning and implementation capabilities enables the company to play an important role in the business world and to develop quality income yielding real estate assets in California and abroad.



GreenTech Builders Inc. is a general contractor company, providing comprehensive construction related services, with a specialization in residential projects.

Investment & Development

GreenTech Builders Inc. strives to inspire its clients to take a proactive approach to true wealth management through experiencing a real relationship. 

Finance Information

GreenTech Builders Inc. is not a finance company and does NOT finance any work we perform. However, we are able to assist you in financing with conventional finance companies.

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